Digital experience for a crypto brand




Open-source, cryptocurrency


Dedicated team


1 × Golang developer
2 × UX/UI designers
1 × Project Manager


Decred (DCR) is a cryptocurrency designed to provide a solution to the scalability problem that plagued Bitcoin. As of the beginning of 2021, its market capitalization is around $2.1 billions.


Develop a cosmic digital experience for Decred platform users to support the reputation of a modern and reliable crypto brand.


To be honest, open-source projects are our passion. Thus, it was a milestone moment when Decred made us an official corporate contractor.

One of the main challenges of our collaboration was to analyze the existing design and identify usability issues and other pitfalls. Based on the research results, an entirely new design concept was created, which addressed previous visual bugs and included new features, significantly improving user experience. After our productive work, a unique vision following the existing visual language was delivered to Decred.


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