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We are currently looking for a Senior Magento 1 Developer to join our digital solutions engineering team. The project is fosuced on making a positive impact on people’s lives everywhere by enhancing their sleep.

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Responsibilities and duties

You add value through software conception and implementation.

You develop sophisticated software from conception to implementation.

You have a high degree of responsibility for error analysis, tracking and bug fixing.

Creating future-oriented projects that will impact our core business.

Within the development team you contribute to the continuous improvement of our software solutions for top notch e-commerce websites.

Implementing continuous deployment to ship code every day, once a day.

Your engage in all activities necessary not only related to code writing but also for project configuration / setup / debug etc.


Qualifications and skills

You are proficient in Magento 1 and have a strong job experience (extension development, optimization and maintenance) in Magento Extension development

You have an in-depth understanding of PHP and strong object-oriented development skills.

You have strong skills of MySQL (design, query and optimization).

You have experience with jQuery and PrototypeJS.

You have experience with version control systems (like Git).

You are competent in web services (payment, shipping gateways) integrations (REST/SOAP).

You have direct working experience with Agile software development methodology.

You have knowledge of performance, scalability, security, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.

You feel comfortable with the use of Linux-based systems.

You are able to operate in a fast-paced organization and handle multiple projects simultaneously.


Our stars within this tech


Lead Magento Developer

Alexey is one of our most experienced developers, with multiple Magento certifications. His most important skill is a deep knowledge of backend development for more than five years. If you need a 3rd party integration and your team stuck - here comes Alexey. And he is a strong athlete, so you better like the code he writes!


Lead Magento Developer

Eugene is a mastermind behind more than 50 Magento plugins he developed from scratch. As a talented and sophisticated certified Magento developer, Eugene can find a way out of any technical dead-end. Most importantly, he will tell you how not to get trapped in this dead-end anymore.

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