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Humbly started by 3 founders in the galaxy far far away (also known as Belarus), Grinteq has grown into one of the leading boutique e-commerce service providers in the US, boasting partnerships with top fashion brands, digital agencies, and being a fellow system integrator for payment providers.





His practical expertise as a project manager in the field of medical and consulting industries along with a degree in International Management gained in Portugal enables Grinteq to provide scalable industry-specific solutions.



An entrepreneur with a European Master in Laws degree, raised in the Middle East, Mika knows how to deal with different cultures, which helps Grinteq provide customized e-commerce solutions for different



His project management and IT background, gained in Austria and Germany, comes in handy when Grinteq takes on large scale projects.

It was a sunny autumn day when we decided to unite our unique experience and skillsets into something great.

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Opportunity creators


Client Partner

Travelling across America and Europe on a par with the degree in international relations made him a cross-cultural client partner who is always ready to immerse into your case.


Leading Client Partner

She is obsessed with talking with customers and making things clear for partners. Also, Tanya has a serious crush on the Chinese language, so don’t be surprised to hear “你好”.


Growth Officer

With his strategic mind and consulting experience, he can add another dimension to your project. And, with his passion for sports, there is no one better at “small talks.”


Client Partner

She hates the word "impossible" and is always searching for the best ways to help her clients succeed with their projects. Combined with her passion for photography & psychology, she knows how to look at everything from the best angle.


People unifiers


People Manager

Consistency and zen are the foundation of Marianna's work. Sourcing, selection, onboarding — you name it, she takes a cup of coffee and rocks it all.


Head of People

She is the one, who is constantly building a happy Grinteq family. Yauheniya knows everyone in the company so well, that she is always a winner in the corporate poker tournaments.

Always ready to unify people with projects!

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Delivery heroes


UX/UI Designer

With a structured and mathematical mind, she transforms web elements into sophisticated, yet beautiful digital experiences.


Project Manager

She embraces projects with love, care and professionalism. The rumor is that Tatiana's got psychic abilities cause why else she is so good in understand client's wishes?


Head of Delivery

With a strong experience in various fields, he will help you resolve any question — from critical success factors in project management to how much elastane your clothes should contain to make you feel super comfortable.


Product Designer

An architect by degree, designer by the state of mind, he combines best practices from both domains to create unique and pretty bold design ideas.



The backbone of our company, senior, certified and battle-tested folks who run the show when it comes to digital transformation.


Team Lead and Architect

There are those who become and those who were born ready when it comes to coding skills. That’s Vitaly’s case - he is natural to php and JavaScript prairies, which makes him a well-balanced team leader and developer.



There is a good chance you’ve been browsing through Vladimir’s gorgeous SFCC websites. How so? Take a senior JS engineer, teach him how to work with Demandware, leave him alone for 7 years with the platform - et voilà! A true mastermind and an exceptional team player.


Lead Magento Developer

Eugene is a mastermind behind more than 50 Magento plugins he developed from scratch. As a talented and sophisticated certified Magento developer, Eugene can find a way out of any technical dead-end. Most importantly, he will tell you how not to get trapped in this dead-end anymore.


Ruby Team Lead

What makes Denis a perfect engineer and team leader? 5+ years of experience? Maybe. Being a Scrum master and technical lead on dozens of projects? Probably. Good knowledge of the Swedish language? Well, that’s a killer skill, isn’t it?


Lead Magento Developer

Alexey is one of our most experienced developers, with multiple Magento certifications. His most important skill is a deep knowledge of backend development for more than five years. If you need a 3rd party integration and your team stuck - here comes Alexey. And he is a strong athlete, so you better like the code he writes!


Senior Ruby Developer

Full-Stack / Ruby on Rails Developer with 9+ years of experience. Ruby on Rails, trailblazer, dry-rb (types, validations); Active Record pattern; MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB); Javascript (ES6, ES7) - it’s just a small part of what Alex knows. And while you’re reading this, he is learning something new. Watch out!


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