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We are here to rock your Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation: join fashion brands and award-winning digital agencies who developed their
ecommerce solutions with us.


What we do

Grinteq is a company dedicated to bringing together senior developers from the top talent pools in US & Europe to solve ecommerce challenges.

Salesforce Consulting Partner Grinteq

We found a long-term solution in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage their data, communicate with customers, and smoothly process online purchases.


We worked with


Delivery models


We continuously innovate and improve your ecommerce to meet changing industry trends and consumer expectations.


We build out a new ecosystem and seamlessly integrate it into your existing infrastructure.


We visualize the story and personality of your brand using the latest UX & UI practices.


We recommend must-have ecommerce features, apps and  systems that best suit your business model.

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Jump on our ship

Have a vision? We will draft the specs, plan a timeline, and deploy our top designers, developers and business analysts to establish, maintain and continuously improve the ecommerce experience for your customers.

We jump on yours

Have an action plan? We will integrate the top 5% of global ecommerce talent into your in-house teams with utmost urgency and efficiency. Our dedicated engineers will help you fuel innovation and creativity with their diverse perspectives and experiences.


We start with a discovery call: our team will discuss specific requirements and desired skillset for your future developers.

Drafting the team

We come to you with suggested profiles, but it’s you who ultimately interviews, evaluates, and approves each team member.


After the contract and NDA is signed, the trial month begins. We make sure that developers seamlessly integrate into your team.


As work rolls on, we do regular feedback sessions with your team to course-correct and make sure the coding team stays in the groove of things.

Performance Evaluations

We conduct regular performance evaluations with your dedicated team - you can rest assured there are always as sharp as a razor.

Upskilling and scaling

Our developers are frequent to online conferences + we take care of their hard and soft skills development. We are also there when you need to scale your team, just give us a hint.

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I’ve never worked with another team that was as adjustable or cohesive as they were.

Evaldas, Stacktome


A trusted team

We believe that the strongest aspect of Grinteq is our stellar team.
Our team consists of masterminds — Salesforce-certified senior developers and architects.
The top 5% of senior developer talent in Europe
Risk-free: an accountable trial period where you determine the resources that work for you.
A core team of developers always adjustable to your liking
Transparent, accountable,
and flexible
Around-the-clock technical
support option available
And always, 100% good vibes — Guaranteed

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